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OPJU brings you the platform of LAN Gaming Valorant 2023: Valorant is a 5v5 online shooting and strategical game.


Online shooting and strategical game.

Code Of Conduct For Lan Gaming 2022

  • Each tournament has a ruleset that cannot be changed or modified. Any changes made by Victory Up can only happen after a tournament is finished. Users cannot ask for changes to the rules while a tournament is ongoing, and they are a participant.
  • Times are set for tournaments and we ask you to not have a practice games against another participant in any given tournament, inside the tournament window. This can cause complications when results are sent in.
  • We ask all users who enter our tournaments to make sure they will be available during said tournament. If you know that you cannot make a tournament, during the given times stated on the tournament card, we ask you to refrain from entering the tournament.
  • Cheating is not permitted in any form, that will advantage yourself or any participant using Lan Gaming 2022 website or other properties. Any competitor or participant found cheating may be disqualified immediately.
  • The obligation to behave in a professional and sportsmanlike manner includes an obligation on the part of Players and Team Managers to arrive on time and ready to complete for all games, matches and tournaments. It also prohibits forfeiting a game or match without reasonable cause.
  • While participating in anyone of our tournaments, online or offline, users will conduct themselves properly in accordance with our rules and regulations.
  • Be a good winner It's a great feeling to win a game or a contest, and you should enjoy that feeling! But at the same time, don't rub your opponent's nose in it. Think about the frustration you feel when nothing works and a game ends in defeat - in that situation, taunting can be tough to take.
  • Show empathy If you are angry, try to control it before directing your anger at another player. There are no rights and wrongs when it comes to feelings, and you will experience both anger and joy when playing. However, there are rights and wrongs when it comes to how emotions such as anger are expressed - think about how it feels when another player takes their anger out on you. One rule to remember is to treat people the same way online as you would offline.
  • If you are angry at a loss, do not take it out on your teammates or find ways to pass the blame - try instead to look at the statistics or the replay and consider how you could have played differently.


Knockout rounds will be conducted.


  • Rs. 5000
  • Rs. 3000
  • Best duelist
    Rs. 1000
  • Best initiater
    Rs. 1000
  • Best sentinel
    Rs. 1000
  • Best controller
    Rs. 1000


C++ Lab   C Lab 11


  • LAN Cables
  • Wi-Fi
  • Tables


Ritik Prasad

Kunal Joshi

Atul Kumar Singh